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Paradisus Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

My friend and I stayed here March 2016. First off, we had a butler -- YES a butler! We loved Simeon. He was such a nice guy, always with a smile on his face, and always eager to help us. He did everything from booking our dinner and spa reservations to bringing us lavender-scented pillows every night of our stay! I would definitely recommend asking for him - he was amazing! As far as everything else, we really enjoyed the food (especially Mole). We were, however, disappointed with the teeny tiny buffet. That definitely should have more variety and options. Although the hotel boasts that there is free suntan lotion, this is found in a dispenser and does not has SPF specifications on it. So I'd bring your own. Also, if you want a beach bed: wake up early and put your towel on one. These go pretty early. I really liked our room (which was near the gazebo) and loved that if you called they would come and pick you up in a little golf cart to take you to dinner. We did that one night when we were going to the Japanese restaurant, which was on the complete opposite end of the grounds. The lobby entertainment was disappointing, but to be fair, we never went into the seating area where I believe they had plays, etc. The grounds are GORGEOUS (there are flamingos!) and HUGE. You will probably get lost at least once, but hopefully you get lost with a camera in hand! There are little "trains" (attached golf carts) that continue to run throughout the day/evening, so someone can always pick you up. I recommend staying here. My friend and I found it gorgeous and relaxing, and really had a great time. (Side note: I only drank bottled water and recommend doing the same.)

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