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Magic View of Oia's Caldera, Thea Superior Studio, Oia, Santorini

You really can't beat the location of this room. It's called the Magic View of Oia's Caldera, Thea Superior Studio. It had a gorgeous view, just like the photo shows

. My friend, Amy, and I took a literal photoshoot when the sunset and the photos came out beautiful! It was a quick 5-minute walk to all the awesome restaurants (our favorite was Floga) and about a 15-minute walk to the famous sunset spot at the castle. It's also right by a coffee shop called Pasagio (where they actually make iced coffee!) and a newsstand (that has the most delicious fruit I've ever tasted).

I liked Markos (who's really awesome and speaks great English) right away because he set up a shuttle for us from the airport (30 euro for me and my friend) and sat down with us, recommending restaurants and activities, and answering questions we had. (Perfect example: We were planning on taking a 3.5 hour ferry ride to Mykonos and he persuaded us against it because apparently they don't take you back if there's a sudden change in the weather and we had a flight to catch!)

Tip: I recommend talking to Markos beforehand about someone coming to get your bags for you when you're dropped off by the shuttle driver. As is the charm of Santorini, you have to walk down stone steps to get to your room. Even though there weren't too many, if you're like me and my friend, you'll have huge 50 pound suitcases in addition to carry-on bags. Markos helped us going down, but got us a nice (strong) guy when we had to go back up! The guy did it for free, but we gave him a 10 euro tip.

Negative: The only real issues I had were with spotty wifi, ants in our bathroom, and cold water in the shower. Amy plugged the small hole in the bathroom wall with toilet paper, so that helped to block the ants, but the water never heated up. I talked to people there and apparently it's because of the stone buildings. (Everything in Santorini is made of stone.) Markos came right over and reset the router when I told him about the issue, so I was really satisfied with his efficiency.

All in all, it was a great room and location for the money, and I'd stay there again!

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